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June KyOSS: PhotoGPG, etc.

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Date: Wednesday, Jun 12, 2019
Time: 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Location: TEK Systems, first-floor conference room, 700 N.Hurstbourne Pkwy. (Steel Technologies Bldg.)

John Sawaya will tell us about some aspects of his PhotoGPG Android app, which incorporates photo encryption and AI features. (See more below for a full description.) More topics to come. Come and join us!

I'm preparing a short presentation/demo for the June meeting and would like to ask a question - which of the following topics are people interested in:
  • We can review PhotoPGP - my Android app that integrates OpenPGP encryption with many advanced features [like clustering similar images by color histograms using apache.commons.math DBSCANClusterer]. or we could talk about other aspects of Android development and system architecture. [~20 min.]
  • We can see how Gnu Privacy Guard (gpg) runs on Android, and create a secure key with the fastest crypto algorithm available - Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman, ECDH (curve25519). These new keys are supported by PhotoPGP, along with the more traditional RSA 4096 bit keys. [~5 minutes]
  • I'm also integrating AI tools with PhotoPGP. We can demo a few Tensor Flow Lite sample apps, or the Termux app using emacs to configure apache2 cgi scripts that call SWI-Prolog, all running on Android. IBM Watson uses prolog (an inference engine) - we could walk through a few simple prolog examples. [~20 min.]

Any preference on topics?

John Sawaya

On 05/30/2019 11:39 PM, John Vornberger wrote:

Hi John,

I'm up for whatever the group wants to see. I think the AI tools/PhotoPGP integration sounds interesting.

John V.

On 05/31/2019 07:37 AM, Dave Campbell wrote:
i'm personally biased to the AI topics, but all seem worthy. thanks for your efforts.

On 05/31/2019 08:01 AM, Jeff Squyres wrote:
Hi John --

My vote would be to start with the basics: GPG on Android. Then do the photo + AI stuff in future meetings.

On 05/31/2019 10:36 AM, Shane Kimble wrote:
My vote is to start simple with GPG, how it works on Android, and then check out PhotoPGP (~25 min + ?s).

I love seeing the enthusiasm for AI in this thread. For those of you interested in more AI topics, especially explained less technically and at a high level, check at the new Lou-AI Meetup Group:

On 05/31/2019 10:47 AM, Bill Engebretson wrote:
I would like the development stuff first, then AI, then photo stuff. From general to particular.

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