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KyOSS: Mobile apps with EigenFrame, and more!

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Date: Wednesday, Feb 12, 2020
Time: 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Location: TEK Systems, first-floor conference room, 700 N.Hurstbourne Pkwy. (Steel Technologies Bldg.)

We'll be talking about mobile app development and related things. John Sawaya will give a preview of his newest Android app, EigenFrame, - currently available to beta testers.

We'll be talking about mobile app development and related things.

  • John Sawaya will tell us about his current project: EigenFrame, currently available to beta testers. General release is planned for any day now. (See description below.)
  • We've been discussing Flutter and PhoneGap/ and React on our mailing list recently, so we may bring those technologies into the discussion.
  • In addition, Ben Fitzpatrick will bring us up-to-date on the current version of HackMan, his own Arch-based Linux distro.
  • And John Hicks says, if there's time, he may give us an update on his JavaScript chess program and how he's enhanced it with web workers.

EigenFrame: A platform for dynamic systems on Android

EigenFrame starts with a URL request, but instead of getting a simple web page, it parses specifications (represented in JSON format) to dynamically build an openly programmable application that includes Android user-interface components and provides access to available camera hardware and device sensors.

More than just a web browser, EigenFrame has an embedded JavaScript interpreter with access to internal Android classes, methods, and properties, and a secure-shell client capability to interface with a local Termux app (with openssh) to integrate your own application scripts, in whatever language/tool you choose (bash, git, Ruby, Perl, Prolog, gpg, ...). In contrast, web browsers only have limited scripting access to the host mobile device from inside a browser window.

EigenFrame provides asynchronous URL/ssh requests, so you can use cloud-based services, or local Termux services (like Apache2/cgi or Ruby Webrick) to generate dynamic EigenFrame components. The github repository includes examples.

EigenFrame; a truly extensible architecture for dynamic system integration.

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