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Topic: St James Outreach and Activities 2009

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Posted by creativemindsunion (Msg), 12:06 pm Sep 20, 2009:
St James Outreach and Activities 2009
Hey folks... Let us know if you can offer some volunteer hours in Old Louisville for Brycc House during St. James. We currently have some folks who will be out of town at this time and there are a few spots to cover. Activities include an Open House featuring a Women's Art show, some Open Mic Night performance, Brycc Radio live broadcasts and consession sales. Several folks have discussed bucketing the intersection just to try it out... We now have 2 weeks to finalize our timeline for St. James Events.

Today we will be gathering at 3pm for Art Activities and at 6pm in the OLCH to organize our efforts. If you are interested in participating in the Open House activities such as installing the Women's Art Show or would like to bring new ideas to the table such as demo some skill or activity on site or at a booth location.

Collective Outreach reporting is essential at this point ..... please drop us a line if you cant make it today and tell us what plans you have so we can promote them...

Do you have outreach and promotional materials printed and ready for distribution? Parking cars, asking for donations, and/or leaving informational handbills is an option...

We can raise enough money for the October Mortgage if we work together and cover the gap between our funding opportunities!

We are looking for:

1. Individuals to offer time from their schedules as volunteer support for activites and outreach statement of support gatherers on Oct. 1,2,3 and 4th;

2. Collectives to offer ideas of how their group initiative will be working within the community to raise awareness and gather support as signatures and donations;

3. Folks who are willing to bake cookies and stir the cider pot throughout the weekend as hosts and hostesses of our community center.

We have t-shirts for folks to wear as volunteers and we can make badges for you if you feel more comfortable doing outreach with some 'credentials.'

Give us a call if you have questions or would like to get involved but have limited transporation issues... Kathy 690-9292 or Kristin 303-2497

Send private message to creativemindsunion

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