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Topic: SSNA Newsletter Vol. 27 No. 8 OCTOBER 2008

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Posted by frappyjohn (Msg), 2:02 am Oct 23, 2008:
SSNA Newsletter Vol. 27 No. 8 OCTOBER 2008
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Dave and Pam Murrer invite you to their slightly haunted mansion, 122 W Ormsby Ave., this Saturday, October 25, for the annual SSNA Halloween Party. (Please note the party is Saturday NOT Sunday!) The party begins after a brief meeting of the Association at 5:00 PM. Partygoers should bring their favorite Halloween dish for the potluck feast. Perhaps some Devil’s Food cupcakes, Eerie Eyeballs, or even some Spicy Bat Wings, might be just the thing. The Association will provide drinks and Dave Murrer will be grilling his famous burgers, dogs, and bats – sorry, brats. Our hosts remind you, that even though this is Halloween, all potluck items should be edible and preferably dead. Food that squirms or squeals may be upsetting to the little ones.

There will be Halloween treat bags and activities for all the little goblins. Children’s costumes can be simple or fancy. Some of the best costumes have been made from garbage bags and cardboard boxes. Any makeup that includes vampire blood is always a hit.

The SSNA Halloween Party is fun for all ages. Bring the kids and the family for fun, laughs, and good food. We invite neighbors, residents and even family members who have been locked in the closet for the last year to join in the fun. Adult costumes are optional but encouraged. If you need an idea for a scary costume, dress up as your favorite politician. After all, they have been scaring us for weeks with dire predictions of the disaster that awaits us should we vote for their opponent. And, if you do not want to wear a costume, that’s okay, come as you are - for some of us that can be scary enough!


One of our lucky attendees at the October meeting will win a 14.4-volt Skil cordless drill and a radio controlled car that runs off the same battery. The set includes carry bag and battery charger. Makes a great gift for the holidays and for the whole family. In addition, we also have a bonus drawing for two lovely porcelain vases donated by Ginny Ehrlich, owner of The Gallery at 133 W. Oak St. Ginny has many other items that will make wonderful gifts for the holidays too. Congratulations to our neighbor from Ormsby Ave. who won the 29-piece screwdriver and insert set at the September meeting! All meeting attendees over 17 years of age are eligible for the drawing, which will be held at the end of Saturday’s meeting. Must be present to win! Membership not required!


In addition to the attendee drawing, SSNA members are eligible for a special cash drawing. New member, Peter Hutton of Second Street, was the winner of September’s $155 drawing. Unfortunately, Peter could not make the meeting so $10 will be added to the October drawing. A name will be drawn from all paid-up members and if that member is present at the end of the meeting, he/she will win the $165 cash prize. If the member is not present, $10 is added to the pot each meeting until someone wins. Must be present to win! Current SSNA membership required!

New memberships accepted at the meeting upon completion of a Membership Application and payment of $6.00 dues. An application may be found on the last page or contact Zane Lockhart at 636-1751 or email:


President Jan Cieremans has appointed a Nominating Committee to recommend a slate of four officers and three board members to lead the Association in 2009. The Second Street Neighborhood Association has been blessed for many, many years by neighbors willing to step up and volunteer their time and talents to keep our historic neighborhood moving forward. The Officers and Board Members work in close cooperation with the membership to implement programs, coordinate activities, and represent the Association’s interest with the Old Louisville Neighborhood Council, Metro Government, and other groups. We do not know whom the nominating committee will tap for the coming year. We do know that the committee takes its job very seriously and considers many factors before calling upon neighbors they think can best serve the Second Street neighborhood. If the committee calls you, please know that you have been selected from a very special group of people. We hope you will consider it an honor and that you seriously consider the call to serve.


Please select your annual membership from the following categories:


___Individual (Age 18-64) $6.00 ___Individual (Age 18-64) $6.00 ___Senior (Age 65 and over) $3.00 ___Senior (Age 65 and over) $3.00 ___Business or Organization $25.00 INDIVIDUAL OR SENIOR MEMBERSHIPS PLEASE COMPLETE THIS SECTION: Name 1:_____________________________ Name 2:______________________________

  • Occupation__________________________ *Occupation:__________________________
  • Date of Birth_________________________ *Date of Birth_________________________
  • Email_______________________________ *Email_______________________________

Tel. (H)_________________ *Tel. (C1)___________________ *Tel. (C2)___________________ Address (Street, PO, City, State):____________________________________________________

  • Children under 18 living at home (names and date of births)______________________________

_______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________


Name of Bus/Org: _________________________________________________________________ Contact Person: ____________________________ Title:__________________________________ Tel. (B)______________ *Email__________________________ *Website____________________ Address (St., PO, City, State) :________________________________________________________ (*Voluntary Information)

Note: A portion of your dues pays for concurrent membership and voting privileges in the Old Louisville Neighborhood Council. Please make your check payable to SSNA and send to: Zane Lockhart, 1322 S. Second St., Louisville, KY 40208-2304


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