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Posted by frappyjohn (Msg), 2:23 am Dec 4, 2012:
Coworking Space in Louisville
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Coworking Space in Louisville, KY

By Scott Hack

For the past few months I’ve labored over the idea of helping to create a coworking and event space in Louisville, KY. As an organizer for both WordCamp Louisville and the monthly WordPress meetup, and a participant in the PHP Meetup Group it quickly became evident that meeting space, especially meeting space that is affordable and setup for laptops and wifi is tough to come by. So started looking to solutions.

Before we get too far, I’d just like to acknowledge a few things.

1. Yes, I am aware of iHub. I’m even a fan. The space just isn’t what I am looking for.

2. Yes, I am aware that the Open Coffee movement that has been meeting at Insider Louisville’s headquarters ( Update : Looks like it was a new location this week. ) and members within that group have discussed something similar. I think that goes to show that the city agrees that we need an alternative to iHub. However, as an outsider to the Open Coffee group, my impression is they are zeroed in on a Nulu location. My location is not in the Nulu district, so I’m not sure my goals and this groups goals will align, but I do plan to reach out to them soon.

I’d like to offer a third option. Where you ask? Well I’m not quite ready to share that. But if you are interested in coworking… Or for that matter, you are interested in the tech/startup community in Louisville having a space to call home. Then, I want you on the team. The project will definitely need the support of the community. The space should be able to have private offices, dedicated desk space for those who want to have the same desk every day, as well as open desk areas. The open desk area would double as event space that could be used after 6:30PM to host things like tech meetups, Startup Weekends, BarCamps, etc.

Pricing for the space has yet to be finalized. I anticipate that we’ll be able to offer membership levels that will fit all budgets.

Please indicate if you have interest (or would simply like more info) by leaving your contact info here.

Obviously, the devil is in the details, but it’s time to start finding out what kind of support the community might offer. The form is simply a quick opt in for a mailing list. Either you are interested in the space for coworking, or seeing the community have a place for tech and startup events to happen. If you aren’t interested, I’d be curious to hear your reasoning as well.

Looking forward to hearing your responses.

Scott Hack

PS Again, please click here and leave your contact info if you'd like to be on the list.

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