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Posted by CraigGarner (Msg), 2:13 pm Jul 30, 2013:
Calendar of Events
Hello all,

Having to look at KYOSS calendar and the lvl1 calendar can make things a little obfuscated. I think it would be great to post all KYOSS events here and then just refer to lvl1, Tumble Weed, a library, etc as the location. Then we don't have to look through lvl1's calendar to catch events that don't make it to our calendar.

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Posted by frappyjohn (Msg), 4:15 am Aug 28, 2013:
Remember that KyOSS and LVL1 are two separate organizations (with...
Remember that KyOSS and LVL1 are two separate organizations (with similar but different missions) so many events can appear on both calendars, but some are appropriate for only one or the other.

(The biggest drawback to the KyOSS calendar right now, IMHO, is that we haven't implemented recurring meetings. Every event has to be manually entered. And although anyone (in the wide world) can enter events on the calendar, one person seems to post most of the entries. :)

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