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Topic: Please attend the Court Hearing tomorrow at 1 pm on keeping our historic firehouse

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Posted by frappyjohn (Msg), 4:02 pm Jan 11, 2009:
Please attend the Court Hearing tomorrow at 1 pm on keeping our historic firehouse
(Our local firehouse Engine 7 officially closed this morning at 8 a.m. after over 137 years of service. (Here's some audio of the closing ceremony: But Old Louisville residents have not given up. They are going to be in court tomorrow to try to get this decision revisited. -john)

From Fred Nett and the Old Louisville Neighborhood Council:

Judge McKay Chauvin, Eighth Division, Jefferson Circuit Court, will conduct a hearing tomorrow afternoon, at 1:15 p.m. in his courtroom on the motion for an injunction that would compel Metro Government to continue to operate the Engine 7 firehouse at 6th and York in the interests of public safety and to protect lives and property within the Engine 7 service area.

Although a workday and a Monday, we urge as many of you as can make it to come join the firefighters who will also be attending. Urge other of your neighbors to be there as well, especially any as may be retired. Numbers do count.

Helga Ulrich, Chair of the OLNC Crime and Safety Committee has informed us those attending the hearing will, for security reasons, need to enter the new court house via the old court house on the Southwest corner of 6th and Jefferson Street. You will need to pass through Sheriff's Department security there and then go by stair or elevator to the second floor, traverse the corridor and enter the Metro Hall of Justice (the new court building) via the skywalk across 7th Street.

Remember we are arriving just as many folks may be returning from lunch to their workplace in the building. So allow at least 15 minutes to arrive at the courtroom once you enter the security check point at 6th and Jefferson. Once you clear security, the walk to the courtroom may take another 5+ minutes.

  • Courtroom 801, Metro Hall of Justice (the new high-rise)
  • Judge McKay Chauvin, Eighth Division, Jefferson Circuit Court
  • Arrive 1 p.m. and enter Sheriff's security at southwest corner 6th and Jefferson.
  • Allow 15 minutes to go from here to Courtroom 801 through interior corridors.
  • Hearing begins 1:15 p.m.

Be early to the courtroom and be seated. We are there simply to sit in silence and observe, and by our presence to demonstrate to Judge Chauvin the extreme concern the community has regarding the firehouse's closure and our keen interest in getting Engine 7 reopened.

Try to carpool to the degree possible to avoid parking hassles and anxiety. Come in 5th Street to Jefferson and the driver can drop people off right at the corner of 6th and Jefferson opposite the old City Hall and County Court House. If you need a ride, contact a neighbor or email at the earliest possible tomorrow (

  • Fred Nett

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