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Posted by jimmymccord (Msg), 7:00 pm Dec 31, 1969:
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Posted by jimmymccord (Msg), 3:35 pm May 22:
It is with heavy heart I share the passing of John Hicks. He has lead our meetings for many years. There will be a celebration of life for John Hicks on June 11, 2022. 1015 South 4th Street. This will be a potluck event. As I learn more from Marsha, Joh... [more]
Posted by kendall (Msg), 10:20 am Jul 8, 2020:
Need support for remote access to my zoneminder security system. Any help would be appreciated and am willing to compensate with trade work or dollars. Reply to [more]
Posted by frappyjohn (Msg), 10:39 pm Nov 26, 2018:
(Testing to see if this forum is still functional.)... [more]
Posted by frappyjohn (Msg), 12:47 pm Jun 2, 2016:
Just testing to see if the forums are working under https.... (2 replies) [more]
Posted by KevinSullivan (Msg), 11:08 am Jul 25, 2014:
Hi everyone, My name is Kevin and I am a recruiter with SkyBridge Resources in Louisville. We are currently looking for multiple developers who enjoy open source systems and a great work environment to fill a couple of permanent positions. Here are ... [more]
Posted by localg0d (Msg), 7:00 pm Dec 31, 1969:
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Posted by localg0d (Msg), 7:00 pm Dec 31, 1969:
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Posted by localg0d (Msg), 9:45 am Apr 25, 2014:
I will be looking for work in the upcoming spring semester once my college class load is not so heavy. I was wondering if anyone on the forums would know a place I could inquire concerning computer technician work such as Geek Squad or Computer repair ? ... [more]
Posted by ChrisatKforce (Msg), 4:38 pm Apr 24, 2014:
Good Afternoon, My name is Chris and I am an IT Recruiter for Kforce Technology in Louisville. We currently have several positions we are looking to fill which include, but not limited to: Java Developers, Sr. Citrix Engineers, Server Admins, Desktop/H... [more]
Posted by frappyjohn (Msg), 8:33 pm Feb 12, 2014:
#!/bin/bash grep -i "$*" *[^~] | less ... (2 replies) [more]
Posted by CraigGarner (Msg), 1:00 pm Sep 21, 2013:
It appears we have a ChanServ bot preserving the chanel. From what I understand, id the channel is not used for 60 days it is forfeit. So come join in freenode, register your nick, and then /join #kyoss... (1 replies) [more]
Posted by CraigGarner (Msg), 10:21 pm Sep 20, 2013:
Is Java truly open source anymore since Oracle took over. Even before that, developers had to create their own branch to keep it open. Never mind, this is a lvl1 game approach.... [more]
Posted by CraigGarner (Msg), 5:55 pm Sep 20, 2013:
Hey, I'm logged in to Freenode /join #kyoss I've seen a couple people stop in, but no chatting as of yet.... [more]
Posted by CraigGarner (Msg), 12:45 pm Aug 19, 2013:
Is anyone out there?... (1 replies) [more]
Posted by CraigGarner (Msg), 2:13 pm Jul 30, 2013:
Hello all, Having to look at KYOSS calendar and the lvl1 calendar can make things a little obfuscated. I think it would be great to post all KYOSS events here and then just refer to lvl1, Tumble Weed, a library, etc as the location. Then we don't hav... (1 replies) [more]
Posted by CraigGarner (Msg), 4:26 pm Jul 20, 2013:
Hi again. I'd like to get a feeling of what people are in to. Thanks! Craig ... (1 replies) [more]
Posted by CraigGarner (Msg), 11:00 pm Jul 18, 2013:
Is anybody out there? I am looking forward to meeting some GNU/Linux geeks. If you are such, I look forward to sharing our interest.... [more]
Posted by CraigGarner (Msg), 12:38 pm Jul 16, 2013:
Hello all, I just wanted to briefly introduce myself. I have been using GNU/Linux since 1996. I am very interested in meeting and sharing with others. I also hope to find some people that might be interested in developing a FOSS game. Too many deta... [more]
Posted by iiernii (Msg), 2:57 pm May 21, 2013:
Just saying hello and nice to meet you all. I am trying my best to attend some of the events but you will have to bear with me because of my work schedule. I want to attend just about everything. Apps, Java, Web design, open source. I manage a metal shop ... [more]
Posted by frappyjohn (Msg), 2:23 am Dec 4, 2012:
(Reposted by John Hicks from {Coworking Space in Louisville, KY} By Scott Hack For the past few months I’ve labored over the idea of helping to create a coworking and event space in Louis... [more]
Posted by TreeGuy (Msg), 1:45 am Apr 21, 2012:
San diego and Philly have done it, We should be next, we need volunteers [more]
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