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Posted by ChrisatKforce (Msg), 9:58 am Apr 15, 2014:
Kforce is seeking a Systems Programmer / Analyst for a Louisville, Kentucky (KY) client that is a 'true' solution developer comfortable using a wide range of languages and technologies. This person will utilize their experience developing within multiple ... [more]
Posted by CraigGarner (Msg), 2:02 am Sep 20, 2013:
Hello. I installed this on my desktop, but it seemed sloppy. I would love to work with someone to install it on my laptop. It is clean of V8 and node.js. If anyone experienced helping me get going, it would be most appreciated. There seem to be a d... [more]
Posted by CraigGarner (Msg), 1:42 am Sep 20, 2013:
Hi. Is anyone interested in working on a game with me. It will be a long term project where you will learn much about different technology. I have to find someone(s) who are interested in different aspects of development. The end result will be fun!... (1 replies) [more]
Posted by CraigGarner (Msg), 11:53 pm Sep 19, 2013:
I think I have /join #kyoss registered on freenode. Give it a try and let us know if there are problems!... [more]
Posted by CraigGarner (Msg), 4:08 pm Sep 17, 2013:
I am looking forward to the JavaScript meet this Thursday!!! ... [more]
Posted by CraigGarner (Msg), 12:40 pm Jul 16, 2013:
Hello, I am hoping to meet some people interested in game development. At this point, I see the client being browser based using Javascript and the DOM. On the server side C and SQL.... [more]
Posted by chrissimmons2 (Msg), 11:32 am Oct 19, 2011:
I have added a calendar event for SQL Saturday coming up on 10/29. Please check out the link if you are interested. ... [more]
Posted by leopiero (Msg), 1:29 pm Oct 11, 2011:
Could also be Jon's project, but the way I remember names it's probably Mike's or Joe's project. I have been reluctant to take on new projects lately becuase between school and the thousands of things that I do everyday anyway I am a very busy guy, but... [more]
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