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Posted by Conservativeartgirl (Msg), 2:05 pm Feb 15, 2010:
Hi i am new to this website and i think i would like to get involved with the brycc house.Now i have noticed a bit of a slant to the left politically on this site and my point of views are more to the right but i don't think that matters.I like what this ... (3 replies) [more]
Posted by levigroenewold (Msg), 4:59 pm Jan 24, 2010:
Hey, I'm completely new to the Brycc House and I just wanted to get a feel of some of the things I might be able to do for the Brycc House, and maybe even what it could offer me. I will talk a little bit about myself just to give you guys an idea of who I... [more]
Posted by robeysan (Msg), 10:58 pm Dec 28, 2009:
I've been sittin here listening for about an hour to WXBH Brycc radio and I have not heard Brycc mentioned one time. It's like we don't even exist. ... (1 replies) [more]
Posted by frappyjohn (Msg), 2:24 pm Dec 28, 2009:
On 12/28/2009 01:26 PM, mega wrote: > hey, spread the word about this cool opportunity. get your portrait made with your family, a group you work with or just your beautiful self, cheap, AND support WIT at the same tim... (1 replies) [more]
Posted by katharine55 (Msg), 11:31 am Dec 26, 2009:
All, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all BryccHouse members and supporters! With the New Year approaching quickly, I would like to briefly describe more of the vision for the BryccHouse’s future…. !! In previous times, co... [more]
Posted by Shifter (Msg), 3:50 pm Dec 13, 2009:
Where is it? We have a lot we have to do, so the sooner you could post it, the better. ... [more]
Posted by robeysan (Msg), 12:53 am Nov 18, 2009:
> John, > Could you provide an organizational chart for the BH? So we all know whos in charge of what? > Thank You, > Paul Robey There's not much to chart. Here are the basics: * We are incorporated as a 501(c)(3) (i.e. tax deductible) non-p... (3 replies) [more]
Posted by robeysan (Msg), 12:52 am Nov 18, 2009:
This could be one of those tipping points you read about. If you haven't read it yet, please do read the vision statement that Kathy Sweeton (one of the Brick House co-chairs) posted on the discussion list this morning (it's at the bottom of this messa... [more]
Posted by robeysan (Msg), 3:02 am Nov 7, 2009:
Louisville_Music video, shows, and info. ;)... [more]
Posted by Shifter (Msg), 11:16 pm Oct 31, 2009:
Am I correct to assume that the Assembly meeting tomorrow will be held at the Brycc House from 5:30 - 7:30? That's what I read, but I understand that things change and I just want to be sure. ... (1 replies) [more]
Posted by matman42 (Msg), 10:35 am Oct 12, 2009:
I noticed on my visit to the Brick House that there is a room full of older computers and computer books and I was wondering what the plan was for those? Matt Brier ... (2 replies) [more]
Posted by frappyjohn (Msg), 9:47 pm Apr 12, 2009:
... (1 replies) [more]
Posted by frappyjohn (Msg), 11:52 pm Feb 15, 2009:
At our monthly BH directors meeting Sunday we elected Kathy Sweeton-Windsor and Cherise Williams to be our new co-chairs for the coming year. Congratulations! I do believe we are headed for a very good year! ... [more]
Posted by dwherb (Msg), 5:40 pm Feb 4, 2009:
Anybody have a line on when and where assembly will be tom. night?... [more]
Posted by frappyjohn (Msg), 7:56 pm Jan 17, 2009:
Effective and civil discourse is always important, but it is critically important for us here at the Brick House at this point in our history. The Brick House is currently facing several important issues. If we deal with them in a considered, rational ... (1 replies) [more]
Posted by frappyjohn (Msg), 3:49 am Jan 7, 2009:
The mayor intends to permanently close our local firehouse, the oldest continuously operating firehouse in the U.S., this Saturday!! Find out more on our Old Louisville page.... [more]
Posted by creativemindsunion (Msg), 11:47 pm Nov 24, 2008:
We welcome folks to learn more about becoming sustaining members with a monthly pledge of $5 or once a year donation of $60 or more. Members of our Friends of the Brick House donation program will automatically be entered into each seasonal raffle for eac... [more]
Posted by sreinh01 (Msg), 1:53 pm Nov 3, 2008:
as john presented to the e-mail discussion, the mayor's neighborhood summit is saturday november 15th 8-2:30 at the ky international convention center. the workshop selection is centered on issues that the brick house, and any neighborhood community o... (1 replies) [more]
Posted by frappyjohn (Msg), 5:28 am Oct 28, 2008:
Note: This is the text of a message we sent to Republic Bank in May. I'll leave it to you to judge how well we have followed through on our plans. May 30, 2008 Mr. Dave Burton Republic Bank Louisville, Ky. Dave-- As we dis... [more]
Posted by frappyjohn (Msg), 5:11 am Oct 28, 2008:
Note: this is the text of an email message I posted to the brickhouse-assembly mailing list on March 24, 2008. It is relevant to reflect on it now (in October) as we face a similar crisis. Unfortunately, through our own malfeasance, two of the three ma... [more]
Posted by frappyjohn (Msg), 6:11 am Sep 25, 2008:
Hey, I'd appreciate all the feedback you can give me on the new website features: -Any and all bugs you run into -Constructive criticism on the architecture and user-friendliness -Suggested tweaks -Requests for new features I'm especially interested ... (2 replies) [more]
Posted by frappyjohn (Msg), 3:58 am Sep 25, 2008:
LEO did a cover story on the Brick House a couple of weeks ago. We knew it would be critical but didn't expect it to be so negative. I'd be interested in what the rest of you thou... (4 replies) [more]
Posted by frappyjohn (Msg), 3:18 am Sep 23, 2008:
Ya. I really wanted to write something profound here. But it's late and I really need to get to bed. Anyway. Here are the forums. Or rather here is our first forum. And we can have as many as we like. (I'll add one for each group as soon as I get ... (5 replies) [more]
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