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Agreed: copyright and license - regardless of what you feel about
intellectual property law - is important. It is the law, even if you don't
like it.

The 2 open source projects I'm involved with have explicit BSD licenses and
require committers to sign an apache-like contribution agreement (i.e.,
agree to releasing their code under the BSD license).

Here in corporate programming culture, we get drilled on open source,
licensing, etc. my company acquired a company a few years ago that made a
GPL blunder (hint: it rhymes with shminksys). My company now makes
absolutely sure that all engineers are trained - and periodically
re-trained, so they don't forget - about including open source code in our
products. Sometimes it's ok. Sometimes it's not.

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On Dec 2, 2012, at 1:36 PM, David Crist <davidcrist at gmail.com> wrote:

I saw this on /. and figured I would post this here for all of you too busy
to read /. headlines.


On Fri, Nov 30, 2012 at 10:18 AM, Jeff Squyres <jeff at squyres.com> wrote:
> Due to popular demand, the Alan-and-Jeff roadshow returns to the KYOSS
> December meeting for part 2 of the free Git workshop.  We'll continue
> more-or-less where we left off last time, covering some more advanced
> like branching, merging, and collaborating with others in a common Git
> repository.
> If you plan to attend:
> Bring your laptop (free wifi is provided at LVL1).  This is an interactive
> workshop.
> Make sure you have read through the slides from part 1.
> Make sure you have a GitHub account.
> Make sure your Git global config is setup (see the part 1 slides).
> Have some git repo hosted on GitHub (anything -- it can even be a toy
> repository, or the one from the part 1).
> See you in December!
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> {+} Jeff Squyres
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