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Liam Boyle liampboyle at gmail.com
Sun Dec 30 08:46:44 EST 2012

I've been using Ubuntu 12.04 & 12.10 off USB for a while now.  They can be
made as persistent USB installs, but you run into difficulty if you try and
update the linux kernel on the USB.  I've been debating trying USB installs
of TAILS or Backtrack to see if they have the same issue, but I need two
more flash drives for that.
On Dec 30, 2012 3:53 AM, "Barton Chittenden" <bartonski at gmail.com> wrote:

Linux compatibility workshop -

Ubuntu has a 'System Testing' application which queries the hardware in the
usual ways (lspci, dmesg, etc), then runs a series of tests to make sure
that audio, video, network, disk drives, card readers and so forth all work.

After all of the tests run, the application bundles up the results in an
XML file, and sends them back to Canonical; they add the results to Ubuntu
Friendly <https://friendly.ubuntu.com/>.

Here's my thought:

Load Ubuntu 12.10 Desktop on to several thumb drives (might want to put
12.10 for Mac on one of them)

Make sure that some of the peripherals which the System Testing app can
test (e.g. external VGA and HDMI monitors, external speakers, microphones,
USB thumb drives, SD/CF/MMC cards, PCMCIA cards) are available, then test
all of the laptops we have available.

I'm not at all stuck on Ubuntu -- I don't know if other distros have a
similar testing app (or indeed how portable Ubuntu's app is). If there are
live distros which provide similar testing, I think that we should try as
many as we can.

Also, it might be useful to compile a broader test suite -- to make sure
that not only the OS and common hardware is supported, but also to make
sure that as many other programs work correctly as we can muster.

In general, I think that this is a great way of giving back to the Linux
community; it's also a great way to make sure that, all of our hardware
gets supported.

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