[KyOSS Discuss] Code snipit Friday

Alan Blount zeroasterisk at gmail.com
Sat Sep 1 21:27:33 EDT 2012

Now THAT is a commit message. 

Now where are your Unit tests? :)

On Aug 31, 2012, at 5:54 PM, Jeff Squyres <jeff at squyres.com> wrote:

> I was just reminded of this code snipit while writing a mail to Alan B.  :-)
> This code snipit was an SVN commit from me to the Open MPI code base.  It changed a single character: a 0 to a 1.
> But *why* that flag changed from 0 to 1 was a nasty, horrible story.  And that's the subject of today's code snipit: sometimes a 1 character change can have ginormous implications.  See my full commit message here:
>     https://svn.open-mpi.org/trac/ompi/changeset/22788
> -- 
> {+} Jeff Squyres
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