[KyOSS Discuss] new functional programming meetup

Mike O'Connor stew at debian.org
Mon Sep 17 22:51:53 EDT 2012

Aloha all kyossers,

I'm sorry I'm missed all recent meetings.  I'll lay part of the blame on
us having our second child recently. or something

My last presentation to kyoss was a an intro to functional programming
using haskell.  Since that presentation, 100% of the programming I've
been doing has been functional programming.  I'm thoroughly addicted.
It's got me ignoring all my responsibilities to Debian, which is hard to
do :)

I've decided to start a meetup group specifically about Functional
Programming to see if I can scare up others in the area, and see if
anyone else wants to talk about this stuff in more detail, as my wife is
completely done pretending to be slightly interested in listening to me
spout about this stuff :) Anyway, the page for the meetup group I've
just created is here:


I haven't yet figured out when or where we would meet.  If you have
idea's let me know.

I promise that I'll start making meetings at kyoss more frequently.
We're starting to get this two children thing under control :)


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