[KyOSS Discuss] Has anyone ever played with WSGI/PSGI?

Barton Chittenden bartonski at gmail.com
Mon Jul 8 00:05:01 EDT 2013

Ok... little bit of background:

I've been trying to transition from Firefox and Chrome, and one of the
things that has been holding me back has been the relatively large number
of firefox plugins, which were heretofore unavailable under Chrome.

The situation with plugins has shifted fairly dramatically, but there's one
plugin left that I'm having a hard time replacing -- a plugin called "It's
all Text", which adds an 'edit' button to text boxes in the browser,
allowing the contents to be opened in the text editor of your choice.

The challenge is that Chrome's security model doesn't allow it to launch
programs. This is a good thing, but what to do?

There's a Chrome plugin called "Edit with Emacs" which gets around this by
running Emacs as a server, then allowing a connection between the plugin
and the already running server... unfortunately, I'm a vim guy, so that
didn't help me much per-se... but the plugin does allow for connections to
other "Edit servers", one of which is 'editserver.psgi', found at

I was a bit surprised to find a perl script, and even more surprised to
find that there's an entire "Web Server Gateway Interface" standard that I
wasn't aware of... editserver.psgi is meant to be run on a 'Plack Server',
where Plack is "a Perl module and toolkit that contains PSGI middleware,
helpers and adapters to web servers."

PSGI is perl's implementation of WSGI (Web Server Gateway Interface), which
was written in Python.

Essentially, WSGI is a framework for building lightweight web services...

This is a technology which had completely passed me by... I was slightly
familiar with XML based web services, but this seems to be a different
animal; as far as I can see, Plack, WSGI and Rack seem to use HTML instead
of XML.


Plack/PSGI (Perl)

WSGI (Python)

Rack (Ruby)
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