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Wed May 1 19:24:35 EDT 2013

Hey folks,

As you might imagine, preparations for the upcoming Midwest Open Source 
Conference on May 18-19 are in full swing and getting really exciting . 
We've got two full tracks of presentations (and are still wedging in 
more speakers). In addition we'll soon announce workshops, and we'll 
have a huge exhibit space for people and groups to showcase their wares.

Check out the speakers at http://www.mosscon.org/program/sessions

And go ahead and register now and save 50% ... just $25 until May 9 or 
the first 200 to register, whichever comes first!

Register <http://www.mosscon.org/register> now and save!! Do it right 
now <http://www.mosscon.org/register> or it may be too late!



	Experience level 

A Look at the Netsniff-NG Toolkit 
Jon Schipp <http://www.mosscon.org/users/jonschipp>

The Netsniff-NG toolkit is a suite of high performance networking tools. 
Its two major players are netsniff-ng and trafgen which both utilize 
PF_PACKET's zero-copy RX and TX RING's....

	Advanced 	Track 2
Apache vs NGINX <http://www.mosscon.org/sessions/apache-vs-nginx>
Joel Tosi <http://www.mosscon.org/users/joeltosi>

Apache HTTP vs NGINX, with sample configs, sample environments, 
architectures, etc

	Intermediate 	Track 1
Contribute <http://www.mosscon.org/sessions/contribute>
Jason McCreary <http://www.mosscon.org/users/jasonmccreary>

Open Source is about the power of the community. This talk covers how 
you can contribute to Open Source projects. With a main focus on GitHub 
and how they've revolutionized "giving back...

	Intermediate 	Track 1
Database Normalization 
Brent Friedman <http://www.mosscon.org/users/brentfriedman>

1. A brief history of databases
2. Introduction to normalization, with an example walk-through
3. audience splits into teams, they work on a simple normalization exercise
4. each...

	Intermediate 	Track 1
Drupal, Rapid Prototyping, and Proving Your Concept 
Matt Robison <http://www.mosscon.org/users/mattrobison>

Many people who dig into Drupal are surprised at how far you can get 
without knowing how to code.  You can almost build a full social network 
by pointing and clicking your mouse! While this...

	Intermediate 	Track 1
Erlang Programming Language 
Brian Smith <http://www.mosscon.org/users/briansmith>

An overview of Erlang, it's syntax, it's low points and high points. 
Also why you may want to use it for your next high availability project.

	Intermediate 	Track 2
>From Zero to Mobile App in 60 minutes 
Alan Blount <http://www.mosscon.org/users/alanblount>

Standing on the shoulders of giants (aka. using open source technology), 
one can rapidly create high quality rough drafts of many applications 
including mobile/web apps which are really quite...

	Intermediate 	Track 1
How Open Source Enables Innovation 
Joel Tosi <http://www.mosscon.org/users/joeltosi>

In the 'business sector' - This session is about bottlenecks happening 
when you can't see what is happening in a system, explores contributing 
to open source projects, and leaves with...

	Intermediate 	Track 1
Introduction to Blogging with Jekyll 
Eric Lathrop <http://www.mosscon.org/users/ericlathrop>

Use Jekyll to generate static blogs.
Static web sites don't need any special server software, or databases. 
They're super-fast, and Jekyll gives you complete control over the 

	Intermediate 	Track 2
Lions and Tigers and Pig Ohh My... A Coder's Introduction to Big Data 
Wesley Reisz <http://www.mosscon.org/users/wesleyreisz>

You can't open a magazine (electronically or otherwise) without seeing 
information about Big Data today. This presentation aims to introduce 
the topic of Big Data, but with the twist that it...

	Intermediate 	Track 1
mod_rewrite and friends: URL Mapping, Content Munging and Conditional 
Rich Bowen <http://www.mosscon.org/users/richbowen>

mod_rewrite is the most powerful, and least understood, part of the 
Apache http server. In this talk, Rich Bowen, author of The Definitive 
Guide to Apache mod_rewrite, will try to dispel some of...

	Advanced 	Track 1
N Things you didn't know Apache httpd could do 
Rich Bowen <http://www.mosscon.org/users/richbowen>

In this fast-paced talk, "Apache Cookbook" author Rich Bowen covers N 
things that you didn't know you could do with the Apache http server (N 
is currently 72) ranging from load...

	Intermediate 	Track 2
Online Mapping, Open Data, APIs, and Open Source 
Michael Schnuerle <http://www.mosscon.org/users/michaelschnuerle>

Are you interested in online maps, open government data, APIs, and how 
to get them to all work together for your application?

	Intermediate 	Track 2
Open Source CMS on the Web - WordPress and Joomla! 
Nick Temple <http://www.mosscon.org/users/nicktemple>

"According to W3Tech, over 30% of the top 1 million websites run a 
Content Management System of some sort. Of those, Joomla! and WordPress 
combined total over 60%, with WordPress holding the...

	Intermediate 	Track 2
Open source for Cisco high performance computing 
Jeffrey Squyres <http://www.mosscon.org/users/jeffsquyres>

This talk will summarize Cisco's open source contributions and ongoing 
work with regards to the Message Passing Interface (MPI) and High 
Performance Computing (HPC), particularly involving the...

	Advanced 	Track 1
Open Source Licensing Schemes, The Alternatives (w/ Q&A) 
Vincent Heuser <http://www.mosscon.org/users/vincentheuser>

A license agreement is a contract between a producer of a creative work 
and the user which grants the user certain limited rights.

	Intermediate 	Track 2
Security in the Open <http://www.mosscon.org/sessions/security-open>
Curtis Koenig <http://www.mosscon.org/users/curtiskoenig>

What's it like to do security on a daily basis where just about 
everything you do is open to the public?
How does the Mozilla bug bounty program work?
How can I get involved with...

	Intermediate 	Track 2
The Apache Way <http://www.mosscon.org/sessions/apache-way>
Rich Bowen <http://www.mosscon.org/users/richbowen>

The Apache Software Foundation has many pithy sayings. One of them is 
"Community > Code". The weird thing is, we really mean it. In this talk, 
Rich Bowen discusses the ASF's view...

	Intermediate 	Track 1
Using OSS in Preservation of and Access to state government records 
Mark Myers <http://www.mosscon.org/users/markmyers>

The talk will outline the Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives 
electronic records archives (e-Archives) and how open source software is 
being used to facilitate access to records of state...

	Intermediate 	Track 2
What every programmer needs to know 
Brent Friedman <http://www.mosscon.org/users/brentfriedman>

Programmers are sometimes shocked when they arrive at their first job, 
and find out that programming in the real world doesn't really equate to 
what they learned in school.  The SDLC is a...

	Intermediate 	Track 2

	Experience level 

Which cloud(s) and Why? - Defining clouds and best practices 
Paul Weiss <http://www.mosscon.org/users/paulweiss>

IT Leaders know deploying critical applications to the cloud has its 
benefits, but trying to choose which deployment model(s) of cloud can be 
difficult. Cloud computing is in its infancy, but to...

	Intermediate 	Track 1
Why we keep reinventing the wheel (the importance of visual models) 
Brent Friedman <http://www.mosscon.org/users/brentfriedman>

Software engineering has been addressing roughly the same requirements 
since the  1970s.  hile the GUI has gotten a lot better, specifications 
documents have only grown in size and...

	Intermediate 	Track 1

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