[KyOSS Discuss] This Wednesday's meeting: Troubleshooting... and what other topics?

John Hicks johnhicks at kyoss.org
Mon May 6 00:49:06 EDT 2013

Well, what d'ya know!! It sure looks like this Wednesday is our monthly 
meeting already!  (...at 6:30 p.m. at LVL1, 814-Rear E. Broadway).

So let's be discussing what stimulating subjects we'll be discussing 
Wednesday night!

--Barton has suggested "*troubleshooting*" in its various forms (old 
routers, crashed hard disks, etc.) and, I believe, will be leading a 
discussion on that topic. (I still haven't figure out what caused the 
problems with my firm's (and KyOSS's) Ubuntu server, so maybe we'll make 
troubleshooting that a field exercise ... via ssh.)

--I believe Joe Mackey is planning to make a short (15-minute) 
presentation on *Raspberry Pi*, particularly on its uses in education. 
This will be a trial run for something he's planning for MOSSCon.

--And another member is mulling over doing a presentation. We'll know 
more tomorrow.

What else is on your minds these days? (Computing-wise, I mean.)


PS. If you haven't registered <http://mosscon.org/register> for KyOSS's 
very own MOSSCon <http://mosscon.org/> yet, do it now. Just /four more 
days/ of early-bird registration <http://mosscon.org/register>! Only$25 
for two full days <http://mosscon.org/program/session-schedule> of mind 
stretching! (v. $50 at the door!)

Clipped from the news:

    *Mozilla*furious as disguised spyware used against pro-democracy

Telegraph.co.uk 	 -?May 3, 2013? 	


*Mozilla*announced yesterday it had sent a cease and desist letter to 
Gamma International, "demanding that these illegal practices stop 
immediately" and referring to the use of Firefox's brand and trademarks 
to trick users into downloading Finfisher as*...*

    Wikipedia dumps MySQL, hooks up with MariaDB

May 3, 2013
Written by
Serdar Yegulalp <https://plus.google.com/117543614012474733284/posts>



MariaDB, the community-developed edition of the*open source*MySQL 
database now under Oracle's thumb, will become the database software 
that drives Wikipedia.

    Red Hat's Gluster community adds new*open*-*source*projects

May 2, 2013
Written by
Steven Vaughan-Nichols 



Red Hat's Gluster community adds new*open*-*source*projects. Summary: 
Red Hat's Gluster*open*-*source*community has been all about its 
namesake, the GlusterFS, but now it's expanding to cover 
other*open*-*source*, software-defined storage technologies.

    The*Linux*desktop is already the new normal

InfoWorld (blog)
May 3, 2013
Written by
Simon Phipps <https://plus.google.com/104284466618076664967/posts>



A debate is smoldering yet again in the*Linux*community as prominent 
figures debate whether it's time to give up hope on the "year of 
the*Linux*desktop" ever coming or whether the advent of Android is 
actually its fulfillment. Problem is, it came and*...*

    The new Debian*Linux*7.0 is now available

10 hours ago
Written by
Steven Vaughan-Nichols 



Summary: After two years of waiting, Debian*Linux*, one of the most 
important core*Linux*distributions, has a new release: Wheezy.

    Google and Adobe beautify fonts on*Linux*, iOS

PCWorld 	 -?May 3, 2013? 	


Users of Android, Chrome OS,*Linux*, and iOS devices may not realize it, 
but FreeType open source software is used to render fonts on more than a 
billion such devices.


    6 Things You May Not Know About*Open Data*- Government Technology

Government Technology 	 -?May 3, 2013? 	


The*open data*movement is gaining momentum in the public sector. But 
while buzzwords like "*open data*" and "big data" are becoming 
commonplace, some uncertainties persist about what*open data*really 
means and its benefits the public. So on Friday, May*...*

    *Open*Agricultural*Data*at Your Fingertips

USDA.gov (press release) (blog) 	 -?Apr 30, 2013? 	


This will serve as a single access point for our related datasets, 
databases, tools, apps and data resources discussed throughout the 
G-8*Open Data*for Agriculture conference. This effort supports our USDA 
Digital Strategy efforts to ensure high-value*...*

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