[KyOSS Discuss] Notes from trouble-shooting talk

Barton Chittenden bartonski at gmail.com
Wed May 8 21:11:08 EDT 2013

Trouble shooting 90% about figuring out what's going on, and 10% about
fixing the problem.

0) Take notes.
1) Read the man pages.
2) Simplify the problem.
3) Read the logs, capture error messages.
4) Google is your friend.
    - Bug trackers:
        - Ubuntu Launchpad
        - Fedora Bugzilla
        - Debian reportbug (apt-get install reportbug)
        - Github issue tracker
        - CPAN RT (Request Tracker)
        - ...
5) Stack Exchange is your friend.
    - State your problem clearly
    - Show your work (you were taking notes, right?)
6) IRC/Xchat irc.freenode.net
7) Mailing lists -- direct developer access.

Simon Tatham's bug reporting site:
Stack Overflow's 'how to ask good questions' page:
Google's 'tips for getting help with your site':
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