[KyOSS Discuss] Meeting Topics For June Meeting And Beyond

Deven Phillips deven.phillips at gmail.com
Wed May 22 23:08:16 EDT 2013


Thank you all for making the inaugural meeting such a huge success... The 
turn out and energetic discussion is exactly the kind of meeting we would 
like to see every month.. To make that happen, we need to have content 
which we are all going to find interesting. To that end, here is a link to 
a Google Spreadsheet Survey which will allow you to rank which topics you 
find the most interesting.


Go, select your priorities, and we will try to find people to present those 
topics which you are most interested in. If you have other ideas of things 
you would like to see covered, please post them and I will add them to the 

Thanks again,

Deven Phillips

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