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I have a buddy looking for some very basic phonegap freelancing... if you
know HTML/CSS and want to play w/ PhoneGap, here's an option.


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Date: Tue, May 28, 2013 at 10:14 PM
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Are you freelancing?  I've got a client who has some existing 'manual for a
dslr camera' apps they've already built that are up on the Apple App store,
and they're looking to expand their library with new camera models.

The apps are relatively 'simple' affairs - typically info display of a few
paragraphs with a photo, accessed using standardized swipe / accordion
interfaces (nothing new to figure out):

1 - A home grid of buttons (typically 9 per app) by subject (camera
controls, shooting modes, etc)

2 - A few subject level content interfaces, such as hotspots overlaid on
profile shots of the camera that reveal a few paragraphs of content (one
content node), or a glossary of terms that each open to their own
description page (another content node - each blurb = 1 node)

I purchased one - on the D7000, and the only thing it had that wasn't in
this category was a notepad document, a place to store notes with
a skeuomorphic paper background.

I see another one that is generally more about photography that claims to
have some tools and calculators, but when I view its preview, it seems
again like it is a static overview that uses the scrolling wheel interface
to select two inputs to create an output (close up subject matched with
bright / cloudy / dark lighting results in this recommended output,
displayed as a paragraph.)

All of their apps so far are iPhone only.

General approach:

   1. Confirm scope of content will match current expectations - Radial
   2. Build a working interface model for forthcoming content - 3rd Party
   3. Manage delivery of client subject matter / sign off of content nodes
   - Radial
   4. Deploy content into app - 3rd Party
   5. Q&A - I don't have a strong grasp of how we could assist - web review
   via simultaneous platform deployment? Sideloading?
   6. Submission to App Stores - 3rd Party

So - I need to turn around and deliver a rough outline to the client.

If I were building the sites as pure web apps, I'd go about it roughly as

   1. CMS Base Software install = 4 hours
   2. CMS Mobile Design Templates = 4 hours
   3. Subject Landing page = 2 hours
   4. Subject Admin time - 1 hour x 9 subjects = 9 hours (slush fund of
   5. Content Interfaces - 2 hours * est 4 interfaces across 9 subjects = 8
   6. Demo working interface model with Lorem Ipsum = 4 hours
   7. Content population 10 minutes per node including up to 1 revision per
   node * 150 nodes = 1500 minutes or 25 hours
   8. Q&A - 6 hours of browser and link checking

That would have me somewhere around 60 - 70 hours.

I'd also probably build out in a day or two a content submission system
that tracks 'versions' of the app, and allows for a content hierarchy to be
deployed.  We'd handle that - and let the client admin users upload their
content into this instead of some excel or god forbid word tracker.  This
would help us manage when different sections were ready, and also keep an
eye on edits.

What are your thoughts?



George Faerber
Radial Studios
george at radialstudios.com
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