[KyOSS Discuss] Thoughts on fast reliable internet.

Michael bigoldv8 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 10 17:21:57 EST 2013

Been working from home full time since Y2K.  Started out with DSL in
Lexington, had it for a year here in Louisville but had to drop it when
my house, which hasn't moved in 60+ years, was suddenly "too far away
from the switch box" and they couldn't fix it.  Brilliant.  Been on
Insight and now Time Warner 10 mb cable ever since.  There have been a
few outages lately, but for the most part it's been really stable for
the last 9 years.  Two of us use this for full time work with various
VPNs, GUI traffic, desktop sharing, Outlook/Lotus mail, etc and the only
time it's problematic is huge downloads or uploads - which we rarely do.
AT&T has tried to push U-verse on us but I've thus far refused, and now
I'm really irritated with them because they continue to knock on our
door and act like they've never been to our house before.  I'm not the
biggest fan of the cable company either, but it works for us and has for
quite a while.  My opinion may sour if they start messing around with
our bill.

I would say don't overdo it.  You'd be better off to stick with
something simple and maybe see if they will pay for a back up method -
such as a 4G access point.  Neither of our companies pays for our
internet any more, but mine gave me a Verizon 4g device last year which
I only use when traveling or when the cable is down.  It's noticeably
slower than the cable on heavy work but still reliable and gets the job
done.  I would definitely suggest a physical connection of some sort for
your main line.  I ran CAT5e around the house just because it's so much
more stable and consistent which is necessary for full time work.  Can
you relocate the cable modem and router to make that easier?


On Sun, 2013-11-10 at 15:17 -0500, Barton Chittenden wrote:
> Those of you who follow me on Google+ will know that I'm in the
> process of changing jobs. I quit Appriss last Thursday, and I'm
> starting work at ByWater Solutions on Wednesday.
> The new job is going to be entirely work from home, so I need fast
> reliable internet*. This presents a couple of challenges:
>      1. The cable box and wireless router are in a loft, my office is
>         on the ground floor down a hallway. Wireless connection drops
>         when I download a large file.
>      2. Time Warner isn't hugely reliable. They're ok, mostly, but
>         I've had at least a couple of multiple hour  outages in the
>         last 6 months... and there may have been more that I didn't
>         notice, because I wasn't at home.
> In terms of routing internet through the home, I think that power-line
> networking seems to be the lowest hassle and seems reasonably fast, as
> long as there aren't too many end points. I don't know about the
> reliability though... otherwise, I'll have to run cat5 down to the
> office, and my wife definitely isn't going to go for running cable
> across walls and such. It looks like bluegrass.net will do this,
> although I have a feeling that an electrician would also be able to do
> the job.
> In terms of ISP, here are my thoughts:
> I really don't like Time Warner -- i have the constant impression that
> they're dicking over anyone who doesn't know better than to pay for
> their own cable modem and wireless router, and will do the same to
> anyone else that they get the chance to. I would leave them if I had
> any comparable options.
> BellSouth or AT&T supposedly ran fiber down our street -- at least
> someone buried a bigass box in the neighbor's yard about 8 years ago,
> and ran something to it underground -- I heard that it was fiber
> optic, but it could be a banana cream conduit for all I know. It might
> as well be banana cream, because we can't get anything other than 8
> megabit DSL.
> I checked out Bluegrass.net's cable prices; they run $239/mo for a
> 20Mbps connection (which is what I currently have with Time warner).
> This is a "small business element" according to Bluegrass.net. I
> presume that this runs across Time Warner's network; as such, I don't
> know how much more reliable it would be. The extra few $ a month that
> I spent might get me back up and running more quickly ... I just don't
> know if I would be paying for anything other than shiboleet access.
> Any thoughts would be welcome.
> --Barton
> *technically, I probably don't need the fastest residential internet
> that money can buy, but the company is paying for it, so I would like
> to get something good and zippy as long as it doesn't cost an arm and
> a leg.
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