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Hal Burgiss hal at burgiss.net
Sun Nov 10 18:45:03 EST 2013

On Sun, Nov 10, 2013 at 3:17 PM, Barton Chittenden <bartonski at gmail.com>wrote:

> Those of you who follow me on Google+ will know that I'm in the process of
> changing jobs. I quit Appriss last Thursday, and I'm starting work at ByWater
> Solutions <http://bywatersolutions.com/about-us/> on Wednesday.
> The new job is going to be entirely work from home, so I need fast
> reliable internet*. This presents a couple of challenges:

I do think a certain amount of connection quality for home use is local and

I switched to ATT Uverse last April. They sold us on their "fiber"
connection. It turns out it is fiber to the neighborhood, and short run DSL
to the house, so not a full fiber connection.

I am pleasantly surprised with the quality of the connection. I pay
something like $125 for 200 channel TV package and 18M internet (this was a
2 year promotion). Its been consistently reliable. I ping google.com every
minute and log the failures. There are 89 total misses since April, some of
which might be attributable to non ATT issues (like me moving networking
stuff around or routes).  I have at least 5 ssh connections open all the
time, and they stay solid for weeks at a time.

One thing I noticed that when switching from Insight was that ATT was
bending over backwards to come up with a good package and throw in goodies
to grab market share. There was a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. They
provide wireless TV boxes (we got 2 for our 3 TV's). They guarannteed all
computers would have solid access. They provided at no extra cost something
make sure my home office was well connected (at the other end of the
house). And a free Nexus 7 (!).

So I would tell them what you need, and let them deal with it, and see what
happens. You have some bargaining power when switching.

Their ipad app is great too (Android not so good though).

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