[KyOSS Discuss] [JUGGL] November Meeting - The Night Before Thanksgiving (Nov 27th @7PM)

Deven Phillips deven.phillips at gmail.com
Mon Nov 18 10:32:09 EST 2013

The November meeting is scheduled for the night before Thanksgiving. I
understand that this may not be an optimal schedule for many people, but we
can always revisit any interesting talks at a later meeting.

The meeting will begin at 7PM, but show up as early as 6PM if you want to
talk, ask questions, or just socialize!!

Anyhow, here's a quick overview of the currently planned content.

*First Hour: Build An Android 4.4 App In An Hour*
    We will build a simple Android with 4.4 compatibility in an hour...
Bring your laptops and make sure you download Android Development Studio


*Second Hour: An Introduction To Ceylon*

Key features of Ceylon
Ceylon is a language for writing large programs in teams.
Here's some of what's special about it.
Cross-platform execution

Ceylon programs execute on Java and JavaScript virtual machines, and can
easily interoperate with native
Platform libraries

Ceylon provides a brand-new modular

Code is organized into packages and
and compiled to module archives.The tooling supports a system of module
repositories, with Ceylon Herd <http://modules.ceylon-lang.org/> as its
social focus point.

Ceylon has a full-featured Eclipse-based
IDE<http://ceylon-lang.org/documentation/current/ide> and
excellent command-line
with support for modularity baked right in.
Powerful type system

The type system is especially clean, elegant, and powerful, featuring
and union types<http://ceylon-lang.org/documentation/current/introduction/#principal_typing_union_types_and_intersection_types>
basic building blocks, along with enumerated
 and type aliases<http://ceylon-lang.org/documentation/current/introduction/#type_aliases_and_type_inference>
Object-oriented programming

Programming with objects is a breeze. Everything is an object, even numeric
values, even the null value, even a function or class. Handle collections
with higher-order
 and comprehensions<http://ceylon-lang.org/documentation/current/introduction/#comprehensions>.
Model difficult relationships with mixin
Type inference, flow-dependent typing, and typesafe null

Ceylon is more typesafe than other languages, but you write down fewer
types: the language featureslocal type
, flow-dependent
a typesafe null value, and a typesafe switch statement.
Simplified generics with fully-reified types

Generics that don't suck: Ceylon "fixes"
declaration-site covariance and contravariance, reified type arguments, and
principal instantiation inheritance.
Typesafe metaprogramming

a typesafe metamodel<http://ceylon-lang.org/documentation/current/tour/annotations/#the_metamodel>,
and reified generics are the foundation of Ceylon's unique approach to
typesafe runtime metaprogramming, which makes framework development a

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