[KyOSS Discuss] Meeting Agenda for this Wednesday's meeting

John Hicks johnhicks at kyoss.org
Tue Oct 8 00:32:36 EDT 2013

On 10/07/2013 10:46 AM, Christopher Simmons wrote:
> I haven't been to one of these meetings in over a year.  I was 
> thinking about coming to this month's meeting and bringing someone who 
> is just starting to get interested in technology.  What do we have on 
> the agenda for this month?  Are there any entry level topics being 
> covered this week?  Anything that a new linux / Open Source user might 
> be able to follow and not get too overwhelmed? Thanks in advance!  I'm 
> looking forward to Wednesday.

We've tossed a couple of ideas around, but so far nothing solid is on 
the agenda.

Ideas discussed:

  * Joel Tosi (in Chicago) mentioned "presentations / workshops around
    puppet, vagrant, etc.,"  and "the continuous delivery space or
    devops" He could come down in the future to lead something, but not
    this week.
  * Chris Rockwell and Paul Yost (from IvyTech) have been in
    communication about creating a LiveCD that supports USB wireless.
    Chris invited Paul to the meeting to discuss it further.

Another idea:

  * Alex Bezuska, who is leading the JSLOU Javascript group, has offered
    to take on a remake of the front end of the kyoss.org website as a
    JSLOU project.
  * Craig Garner has pointed out a number of deficiencies in the back
    end of the site.
  * John Hicks, the perpetrator of the site, has been completely
    anal-retentive about keeping it programmed-from-scratch (despite the
    fact that some of the code is approaching 10 years old and he hasn't
    done diddly-squat lately to improve it).
  * Therefore, we might reasonably ask John to explain the architecture
    of the site a bit so that we might help him along with back-end

Other topical topics:

  * NSA/privacy/transparency developments
  * Cryptography - anybody else signed up for the Stanford course? 
    (It's week five. I really need to get started on it!!!)
  * The apparent movement to Linux for gaming
  * New Linux kernel
  * hardware developments... seem to be multiple takes out recently for
    a PC+Arduino board
  * ... what did I miss?


  * We could have a live "You can't program Javascript under pressure
    <http://toys.usvsth3m.com/javascript-under-pressure/>" competition.
    Or at least a demonstration of how the site implements test-driven
    development (TDD).
  * TDD is a subject that's been suggested, but it's probably too late
    to expect anyone to prepare something by Wednesday.
  * I struggled with Mailman and Postfix this past week getting the
    JSLOU mailing list going. I could show what I was struggling with,
    and some of you gurus could elucidate on what was probably happening
    under my clueless nose.
  * We always have an interest in git, vim, etc.
  * Barton could give us some more command line gems. Or we could follow
    his suggestion for each of us to bring our favorite
    little-used-but-invaluable-when-needed commands to share.
  * We are overdue talking about networks and network tools.
  * We could compare our various work environments for coding.
    IDEs/editors/screen setups, etc.  Our work habits, ways to get "in
    the zone." ...

Any other ideas, folks?


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