[KyOSS Discuss] Photo galleries: What's the current best practice?

John Hicks johnhicks at gulfbridge.net
Tue Oct 8 00:55:33 EDT 2013

I need to get a photo gallery up on my server fast for a friend.
In the past, Gallery2 (now Gallery3 <http://galleryproject.org/>) and 
Coppermine <http://coppermine-gallery.net/> were the leading contenders. 
Now I see ZenPhoto <http://www.zenphoto.org/> seems to be popular, too. 
And, of course, when I go looking for them, I find 42 other photo 
gallery packages.


  * Generate and display thumbnails that are links to full-size photo.
  * Allow navigation through a directory structure.


  * PHP based on back end.

Nice things to have:

  * Allow organizing them, creating subdirectories and moving photos
    around among them
  * Allow renaming and/or ordering.
  * Allow captioning.

Any recommendations?



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