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Chris Simmons chrissimmons2 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 8 11:03:58 EDT 2013

Wow John! Thanks for the detailed response!  We should be there tomorrow barring any unexpected road blocks on my part.

Thank you,

Chris Simmons

> On Oct 8, 2013, at 12:32 AM, John Hicks <johnhicks at kyoss.org> wrote:
>> On 10/07/2013 10:46 AM, Christopher Simmons wrote:
>> I haven't been to one of these meetings in over a year.  I was thinking about coming to this month's meeting and bringing someone who is just starting to get interested in technology.  What do we have on the agenda for this month?  Are there any entry level topics being covered this week?  Anything that a new linux / Open Source user might be able to follow and not get too overwhelmed? Thanks in advance!  I'm looking forward to Wednesday. 
> Chris, 
> We've tossed a couple of ideas around, but so far nothing solid is on the agenda.
> Ideas discussed:
> Joel Tosi (in Chicago) mentioned "presentations / workshops around puppet, vagrant, etc.,"  and "the continuous delivery space or devops" He could come down in the future to lead something, but not this week.
> Chris Rockwell and Paul Yost (from IvyTech) have been in communication about creating a LiveCD that supports USB wireless. Chris invited Paul to the meeting to discuss it further.
> Another idea:
> Alex Bezuska, who is leading the JSLOU Javascript group, has offered to take on a remake of the front end of the kyoss.org website as a JSLOU project.
> Craig Garner has pointed out a number of deficiencies in the back end of the site.
> John Hicks, the perpetrator of the site, has been completely anal-retentive about keeping it programmed-from-scratch (despite the fact that some of the code is approaching 10 years old and he hasn't done diddly-squat lately to improve it).
> Therefore, we might reasonably ask John to explain the architecture of the site a bit so that we might help him along with back-end improvements.
> Other topical topics:
> NSA/privacy/transparency developments
> Cryptography - anybody else signed up for the Stanford course?  (It's week five. I really need to get started on it!!!)
> The apparent movement to Linux for gaming
> New Linux kernel
> hardware developments... seem to be multiple takes out recently for a PC+Arduino board
> ... what did I miss?
> Also,
> We could have a live "You can't program Javascript under pressure" competition. Or at least a demonstration of how the site implements test-driven development (TDD).
> TDD is a subject that's been suggested, but it's probably too late to expect anyone to prepare something by Wednesday.
> I struggled with Mailman and Postfix this past week getting the JSLOU mailing list going. I could show what I was struggling with, and some of you gurus could elucidate on what was probably happening under my clueless nose.
> We always have an interest in git, vim, etc. 
> Barton could give us some more command line gems. Or we could follow his suggestion for each of us to bring our favorite little-used-but-invaluable-when-needed commands to share.
> We are overdue talking about networks and network tools. 
> We could compare our various work environments for coding. IDEs/editors/screen setups, etc.  Our work habits, ways to get "in the zone." ...
> Any other ideas, folks?
> John
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