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Christopher Simmons chrissimmons2 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 10 13:41:33 EDT 2013

I would like to preface this email by apologizing for any incorrect use of
terminology or concepts that I mention.  I'm still learning the Linux
platform and do not claim to be an expert on any of these topics.

As someone that is less in the application development world and more in
the systems world, I'd like to propose a couple of topics for the next
meeting.  Being that I primarily in the Windows world, we do have some
Linux customers that require assistance with their LAMP Configurations.
 Over the last couple of years I've gotten pretty comfortable working on
Redhat / CentOS servers.  However, I struggle with optimization concepts
that should be applied within the LAMP stack.  I would like to request an
open discussion and/or presentation regarding "LAMP Server Optimization."

A few questions that I would like to see answered are:

*Linux Questions:*
Why RPM / .Deb?  Which do you prefer and why?

We primarily use Redhat because of the Enterprise Support.  We use CentOS
because it is so similar to Redhat and are already familiar with it.  We do
have some ubuntu and SuSe servers as well but the majority of our *nix
platforms are RPM based.  What (if any) benefits are there for running one
over the other?

What are some other preferred distributions for operating a *nix Server?

*Apache Questions:*
What modules and configuration changes should be made when deploying
Apache?  Is the default configuration a good place to start?  What can be
done to make it better?

*MySQL (or other DB) Questions:*
What standard modifications should be made the my.cnf file when installing
MySQL Server?  When is it a good idea to combine Apache and MySQL roles on
the same server, when is it a good idea to separate the roles on different

Do you recommend using MySQL, or prefer another database server?  Benefits
of one over the other?

*PHP (and other programming) Questions:*
What PHP (or other programming) related packages should be installed on a
standard build? Ex. php-mcrypt, php-common, etc..  What do these packages
do?  Why are they recommended for a standard build.

My goal is to improve upon the product that we hand over to a customer when
they purchase a managed Linux environment.  The more work we can take of
their hands for the build out, the higher their perceived value will be of
our product.

*Linux Sys Admin Toolbox:*
What tools do you rely on when managing your server environment?  Why are
they valuable?

Finally, are there any tools, concepts, or ideologies related to running a
LAMP server that you recommend avoiding?  What should I not do that might
sound like a good idea but is just BAD?

While presentations would be nice, I think this might serve well as an open
forum discussion as well as this covers tons of areas and the more user
input received the better!

Sorry for the long email but as you can see I have a lot of questions and
researching each one individually sends me in a thousand different
directions.  Opinions are great but having real world experience to back
them up is even better.  Please let me know if something in the paragraphs
above need more clarification.

Christopher Simmons
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