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Chris Rockwell chris at chrisrockwell.com
Thu Oct 10 13:53:45 EDT 2013

This sounds like a great idea, but maybe some more structured presentations
on a particular sub-topic (even if only a few minutes) would be a good
catalyst for group discussion.

In addtion, I would love to hear more about other (http) servers.  Alan has
brought up Nginx several times, and I'm convinced I should set it up on a
testing server to see how our applications run on it (Drupal, static sites,
SugarCRM) - if we could discuss the pros/cons of different http servers,
that'd be cool as well.

On Thu, Oct 10, 2013 at 1:41 PM, Christopher Simmons <
chrissimmons2 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I would like to preface this email by apologizing for any incorrect use of
> terminology or concepts that I mention.  I'm still learning the Linux
> platform and do not claim to be an expert on any of these topics.
> As someone that is less in the application development world and more in
> the systems world, I'd like to propose a couple of topics for the next
> meeting.  Being that I primarily in the Windows world, we do have some
> Linux customers that require assistance with their LAMP Configurations.
>  Over the last couple of years I've gotten pretty comfortable working on
> Redhat / CentOS servers.  However, I struggle with optimization concepts
> that should be applied within the LAMP stack.  I would like to request an
> open discussion and/or presentation regarding "LAMP Server Optimization."
> A few questions that I would like to see answered are:
> *Linux Questions:*
> Why RPM / .Deb?  Which do you prefer and why?
> We primarily use Redhat because of the Enterprise Support.  We use CentOS
> because it is so similar to Redhat and are already familiar with it.  We do
> have some ubuntu and SuSe servers as well but the majority of our *nix
> platforms are RPM based.  What (if any) benefits are there for running one
> over the other?
> What are some other preferred distributions for operating a *nix Server?
>  Why?
> *Apache Questions:*
> What modules and configuration changes should be made when deploying
> Apache?  Is the default configuration a good place to start?  What can be
> done to make it better?
> *MySQL (or other DB) Questions:*
> What standard modifications should be made the my.cnf file when installing
> MySQL Server?  When is it a good idea to combine Apache and MySQL roles on
> the same server, when is it a good idea to separate the roles on different
> servers?
> Do you recommend using MySQL, or prefer another database server?  Benefits
> of one over the other?
> *PHP (and other programming) Questions:*
> What PHP (or other programming) related packages should be installed on a
> standard build? Ex. php-mcrypt, php-common, etc..  What do these packages
> do?  Why are they recommended for a standard build.
> My goal is to improve upon the product that we hand over to a customer
> when they purchase a managed Linux environment.  The more work we can take
> of their hands for the build out, the higher their perceived value will be
> of our product.
> *Linux Sys Admin Toolbox:*
> What tools do you rely on when managing your server environment?  Why are
> they valuable?
> Finally, are there any tools, concepts, or ideologies related to running a
> LAMP server that you recommend avoiding?  What should I not do that might
> sound like a good idea but is just BAD?
> While presentations would be nice, I think this might serve well as an
> open forum discussion as well as this covers tons of areas and the more
> user input received the better!
> Sorry for the long email but as you can see I have a lot of questions and
> researching each one individually sends me in a thousand different
> directions.  Opinions are great but having real world experience to back
> them up is even better.  Please let me know if something in the paragraphs
> above need more clarification.
> Thanks,
> --
> Thanks,
> Christopher Simmons
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Chris Rockwell
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