[KyOSS Discuss] zsh: best of bash, csh, and tcsh

Deven Phillips deven.phillips at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 09:48:19 EDT 2014

Nice! I have a bash prompt script which gives me the nice git integration
as well... It's one of my favorite recent discoveries. I wish I could have
made it to the meeting last night because I wanted to show off some of the
cool stuff I have been playing with recently (Vert.x, MoreUnit, etc..), but
I'm sure I will make it there again soon!



On Thu, Jun 12, 2014 at 8:13 AM, Jeff Squyres <jeff at squyres.com> wrote:

> Last night, I showed about 5 minutes of zsh.  zsh is basically the best
> things you like about bash, csh, and tcsh all rolled into one.  zsh is part
> of most major distros these days -- it's even part of OS X:
>     http://www.zsh.org/
> I also use "zprezto" -- a set of macros and plugins for zsh that instantly
> makes zsh 38% more awesome:
>      https://github.com/sorin-ionescu/prezto
> This gives me stuff like the git branch and icons that you saw last night
> when I cd into a directory that is a git clone.  For example:
> -----
> [8:10] JSQUYRES-M-504A:~ ❯❯❯ cd git/cisco/ompi-usnic
> [8:11] JSQUYRES-M-504A:~/g/c/ompi-usnic git:usnic-v1.6 ❯❯❯ git checkout
> usnic-v1.8
> Checking out files: 100% (7456/7456), done.
> Branch usnic-v1.8 set up to track remote branch usnic-v1.8 from origin.
> Switched to a new branch 'usnic-v1.8'
> [8:11] JSQUYRES-M-504A:~/g/c/ompi-usnic git:usnic-v1.8 ❯❯❯
> -----
> ​Note that the prompt changed automatically a) when I cd'ed into the tree,
> and b) when I checked out a different branch.​
> I also love the abbreviated directory that it puts in my prompt -- it
> shortens each subdir up to the current directory to just 1 letter.  So it
> still gives you a visual cue of how far away from ~ I am, but it doesn't
> necessarily represent the full path length.
> ​zsh+zprezto is yummy.
> --
> {+} Jeff Squyres
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