[KyOSS Discuss] DerbyPy: A Louisville Python Meetup

Randy Syring randy.syring at lev12.com
Sun Jun 15 22:16:15 EDT 2014

My involvement at the KY OSS meeting this past week has inspired me to 
do more to try and promote Python on the Louisville.  To that end, I've 
created a meetup for a python user group in Python and schedule our 
first meeting.  If you are interested in Python or would like to learn 
more about it, please come and check us out:


Hope to see you around!

P.S. I don't remember who gave me the idea for naming this group 
DerbyPy, but it was someone at the last KY OSS meeting.  Thank you for 
the inspiration!

*Randy Syring*
Development | Executive Director
Direct: 502.276.0459
Office: 812.285.8766
Level 12 Technologies <https://www.lev12.com/>
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