[KyOSS Discuss] Wednesday's program at KyOSS - discuss

John Hicks johnhicks at gulfbridge.net
Mon Mar 9 22:11:42 EDT 2015

So, let's be discussing online what we can be talking about at our 
meeting on Wednesday!

(6:30 p.m. at TEK Systems, 700 N. Hurstbourne Pkwy.)

Have you been delving into something interesting lately that you'd like 
to share with us? We like to have open discussion, but more formal 
presentations are welcome too. Please share your topics of interest and 
feel free to present if you like.

So far, we've had two offers to do presentations:


    John Murray will tell us about actor-based systems
    <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Actor_model> for concurrent computing


    Craig Clemons will tell us about the Brackets
    Javascript-based Web-development editor

And Deven Phillips gave us a great list of topics we can discuss in his 

     > Java
     > NodeJS
     > Docker
     > Virtualization
     > ReST
     > NoSQL
     > Linux
     > Make
     > Git
     > Scripting

Whatcha been up to lately? What's on your minds?

- John

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